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Ski For Cancer
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History Ski For Cancer
History of Theta Chi's SKI FOR CANCER events will be posted as we gather the details.   If you were a SFC Chairman or Psi President, and have recollections (I know I'm asking a lot)  or details,  please write it up & submit to Roy ('72).   Use the FEEDBACK tab to drop me an email. 

Needed for each Ski For Cancer

Amount Raised & Donated
and a few good pictures

2019 - Cascade Mt. Portage WI  $116,273.89

2017 -  Cascade Mt.  Portage WI    $82,000 

2015 - Cascade Mt - Portage WI - $48,000 

2014 - Cascade Mt - Portage WI - $40,000 

2013 - Cascade Mt. - Portage WI  - $28,500 - The brothers of Psi Chapter had one of the most successful Ski For Cancer events in its history in 2013. Members of the Madison community once again enjoyed a beautiful day of skiing, snowboarding, and tubing on the slopes of Cascade Mountain in Portage, WI. Both members and non-members of the UW-Madison Greek community, along with their friends and families, showed up in full force for the benefit of the MACC Fund. The proceeds from ticket sales, alumni donations, and sponsorships from local businesses totalied $28,500

2012 - Brock Hensen:  Cascade Mt. - Portage WI - $30,000

2011 - Parker Gabriel: 
Cascade Mt. - Portage WI
2010 - Parker Gabriel: Tyrol Basin - Mt.Horeb, WI - $15,500

The revived Ski for Cancer, under chairman Parker Gabriel (center), donated $15,500 to the Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer Fund in March 2010

1994 - David Schwartz says: "I was SFC chairman for 1994. We raised $5000, and it was the most rewarding thing I did in my time in Madison. It is a lot of hard work, but it was a great experience"

1972 - Roy Sheppard: We raised $6,500 at Skyline Ski Area, Friendship, Wis.  By that fourth year, the event took off, as it became "the event" to attend, and Theta Chi had figured out how to maximize fun and reduce expenses.   Lots of positive press at a time when student unrest had most in Madison very leary of students. 
1969 - Jim Huhta:  Cascade Mountain - $650


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